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The International Choral Magazine is published quarterly and distributed electronically to IFCM members in all continents (more than 90 countries). Originally a simple information sheet (1981), this publication has become a multi-language journal of research and international information on choral music. It is the official voice of choral music around the world. Current and past issues can be accessed on-line or downloaded. All articles of the International Choral Magazine are translated in French, German and Spanish and are available online in the IFCM archives, an indispensable tool for research. You can also read the e-ICM on ISSUU.


What does the IFCM International Choral Magazine contain?

The International Choral Magazine offers a forum for choral leaders to discuss the importance of choral music in their respective countries. It contains articles related to choral music and activities in a country or a region, or on a theme such as music education; repertoire; techniques; international news; information about IFCM, ICCM, Musica International; record reviews, etc.... The IFCM International Choral Magazine acts as a medium of exchange with choral musicians, offering access to a large, international readership passionate about choral music. The e-ICM includes a regularly up-dated calendar of international events, such as choral festivals, competitions, seminars and workshops.

Promote your event in the IFCM International Choral Magazine

Internationally renowned music publishers and other organizations promote their newest productions or events on IFCM International Choral Magazine.
 Advertisers and sponsors can connect with an international audience and take advantage of the great exposure that the International Choral Magazine offers.


Contact: Nadine Robin, IFCM Office Manager or use the order form here below.

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